Frequently Asked Questions


+ Why should I get professional photos rather than simply taking them on my smartphone?

As a professional photographer, I feel that the everyday snapshots you take with a smartphone are great to post on Facebook or Instagram. But, when it comes to truly capturing your dog’s personality and getting frame-worthy memories you’ll want for life, that’s where a professional photographer comes in! The images I create are expertly composed, painstakingly edited and ultra high resolution, so they can be printed in large format with astonishing impact and quality. I also have access to exclusive studio products like contemporary acrylic floating prints that give depth and richness, edgy metal prints, wrapped canvases, traditional framing, standing prints, and much more, so you can be sure to perfectly showcase your pooch’s pic in your home and workplace.

+ How does the entire process work?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Contact me and we’ll hop on a call to chat about your furry friend, your style preferences, and figure out the most amazing session for your pooch.
  • Next, we’ll take care of basic logistics--scheduling your shoot, signing the portrait agreement and pre-paying the session fee to hold your spot.
  • I’ll connect with you again before our shoot, so you and your pup have all the info you’ll need to be best prepared the day of our shoot, like what to bring, etc.!
  • Depending on where we’ve agreed to host our session, I’ll meet you either at the studio, in your home, or on location. The shoot will last about an hour, although some sessions may vary, depending on how long it takes for your pup to acclimate to the new environment. Please note: The comfort of your pooch is my 1,000% priority! If I feel something is truly stressing your pup, we will take a break--I will not force the pooch into a difficult situation for a shot.

  • After the session, we’ll schedule an in-person ordering appointment, where you’ll be able to view your images and I will help you decide on the best options for display.

Altogether, I aim for an incredibly personalized experience from the moment we connect to the moment we ‘click’!

+ How far in advance do I need to book Pooch Portraits?

Typically, my sessions are booked out a month in advance. I take on a limited number of clients each month, so feel free to book further in advance to secure your spot.

+ My dog is super shy and I’m worried she’ll be too timid in front of the camera. Can we still do a session?

Absolutely! I may recommend an in-home or backyard session for your pup to ensure she's where she is most comfortable. Studio portraits are still possible, so if that’s what you’d like to do, we can take extra time in the beginning of the session to help your pup become acclimated, then go from there.

+ My dog is wild! I don’t think he can pose for photos. Can I still do a session?

For sure! I have some tricks up my sleeve at Pooch Portrait Studio. For example, dogs don’t have to be off-leash, so we can make sure they’re comfortable and calm, but still posed _paw_fectly! Then, I’ll do my magic in the post-production phase, so that the leash disappears and you’ll get precisely the kinds of images you want.

+ Why should I choose Pooch Portrait Studio?

I could share with you that I’m an award-winning photographer, but I truly feel the real reason Pooch Portrait Studio stands out is because I have such a big heart for pups! In fact, I spend a lot of time volunteering regularly with a local rescue shelter to take photos of dogs, so they can find happy furever homes. This means that I’ve worked with an array of pooches (many I’ve fallen in love with), so I know how to communicate with virtually any dog to highlight his or her most unique, happy, and distinctive traits. And, because I know how important our pets are to us – I have two energetic dogs myself who I can’t imagine living without – I’ll spend hours editing your images to ensure they’re absolutely _paw_fect!

+ Can I be in the pictures with my dog?

If you’re looking for family photos, we can make that the focal point of the entire session. However, if you simply want to jump in to one or two shots in the studio, I’m happy to work with clients to do so — just know that it may take a bit of extra time and can impact the types of backdrops we can use.

+ I have two dogs — can we photograph them together?

Yes! I always like to start with individual photos in the studio to get each dog’s focus, then we can work with them together, and even use a prop such as a couch, if necessary, to get them comfortable and _paw_fectly posed!

+ What’s included in my session fee?

Every package includes a one-hour shoot with me, an important part of which is the “TLC” of getting your pet super comfortable and happy for the photo session! As part of the session fee, after the shoot we’ll schedule a design meeting at your home to choose images and artwork. And you’ll receive extensive final editing on images that you select.

+ Do you accept payment plans?

At Pooch Portrait Studio, I understand that portraits and wall art can be a large investment, but I want to make this accessible for all humans who love their pups! Yes, I’m more than happy to create a payment plan for you. Please note that final payment must be made before the delivery of any actual products.

+ Where is the studio located?

The studio is at 6013 Kingsford Court, Bethesda, MD 20817

+ What days do you do sessions?

At Pooch Portrait Studio, I do my best to be extremely flexible! Contact me and I’ll make your ideal schedule work.